Bytecoin Mining Pools: Best Places to Mine BCN Complete List

Currently Minergate contributes roughly 1.3 MH/s to the Bytecoin hash power, which is roughly 3% of the total. Optimizing your pool settings can help maximize your mining income and ensure a smooth mining experience. Experiment with different pool configurations if you notice any performance issues or want to improve your earnings. Once you’ve connected to a Bytecoin mining pool, you may need to configure additional settings specific to the mining pool.

In this post, I will walk you through how the XRP ledger validates transactions and why ripple XRP mining is not an option. To decide on which is the best bytecoin mining pool check out my list below. In this image, we can quickly see how many coins and USD value we will make in certain time frames. You want to look at the Profit column, since this is the value after paying for your electricity usage. By just focusing on this number, you can run the calculator for a few different coins, and quickly see which coin is most profitable for your mining rig setup. Keep in mind you also want to weigh the daily payout with the market cap.

  1. Once your mining operation is up and running, it’s important to regularly monitor and optimize your Bytecoin mining setup.
  2. This concept can be used in technology to make payments that can’t be traced.
  3. Bytecoin is a CPU-mined currency which makes it more attractive to more people.

As long as you don’t mind the 1% fee this makes it a good choice for maintaining decentralization while also staying with one of the larger, more popular mining pools. To maximize your chances of earning regular mining rewards, it’s recommended to connect your mining software to a Bytecoin mining pool. Research different mining pools and choose one that suits your preferences in terms of reliability, pool size, and fee structure. Many miners choose to join mining pools to increase their chances of earning consistent mining rewards. Mining pools are groups of miners who combine their computational power to mine blocks collaboratively.

With all the necessary setup and configurations in place, it’s time to start the Bytecoin mining process. Launch your mining software and monitor the mining operation closely. The software will display real-time information about your mining speed, accepted shares, and potential earnings. Keep an eye on the temperature of your mining hardware to avoid overheating.

Step 4: Starting the Bytecoin Mining Process

In this Bytecoin guide, we will be covering how to pool mine Bytecoin with a CPU and GPU, and how to solo mine Bytecoin.

It is the value of a cryptographic one-way function of the secret key, so in math terms it is actually an image of this key. One-wayness means that given only the key image it is impossible to recover the private key. On the other hand, it is computationally impossible to find a collision (two different private keys, which have the same image). Using any formula, except for the specified one, will result in an unverifiable signature. All things considered, the key image is unavoidable, unambiguous and yet an anonymous marker of the private key.


It appears as if entrance into the Middle East and African markets have been slightly delayed. Bytecoin attempts to close the gap between these two classes of miners with a new algorithm, Egalitarian Proof-of-Work (PoW). You’re in control of your ring signature’s level of anonymity.

BCN price

This keeps a constant block rate even when the system traffic spikes or has a sharp drop in the number of miners. Bytecoin in based on CryptoNote to keep transactions untraceable and unlinkable. Each transaction uses a one-time public key even if there are multiple transactions with the same recipient. Inherently, this eliminates the problem of address re-use and decreases the traceability of transactions. Bytecoin is an untraceable cryptocurrency that uses CryptoNote ring signatures to provide anonymous transactions.

Factors to Consider Before Investing in a Bytecoin Mining Operation

Because of this, you can cheaply produce highly efficient CPU mining rigs. An important part of our protocol is usage of random data by the sender. It always results in a different one-time key even if the sender mining bytecoin and the receiver both remain the same for all transactions (that is why the key is called “one-time”). Moreover, even if they are both the same person, all the one-time keys will also be absolutely unique.

Join minerstat and explore the most effective mining software options to boost your hashrate and earnings. Lastly, don’t forget to factor in your electricity costs when evaluating your bytecoin mining profitability. Mining Bytecoin requires a significant amount of energy, and the cost of electricity can impact your overall profitability. Calculate your electricity expenses and consider energy-efficient mining hardware to optimize your profit margins and reduce power consumption. Before you start mining Bytecoin, you need to set up a Bytecoin wallet to store the coins you earn. Your wallet will generate a unique address that you’ll use to receive and send Bytecoins.

It is the first implementation of CryptoNote technology, with the release dating back to July 2012. Up to this date Bytecoin developers has been making significant contributions to the development of CryptoNote technology. The pool operator of has just launched a new website called There bytecoin pools are the same as on but it offers users a newer interface to operate with.

Bytecoin is one of the oldest blockchain projects and one of the first to focus on privacy for the end-user. The team has not announced a release date for the iOS wallet. Before trading on those platforms, you’ll first need to buy Bitcoin on another exchange like GDAX. After this spike, the price steadily fell with a short-lived rise when the team announced a fresh focus on development transparency and communication.

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